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Colors Changing Hue
Yvonne Porcella

Artikelnummer: BU2-0-914881-86-8

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Colors Changing Hue  Yvonne Porcella

Paperback, 96 Pages

Color has been recognized throughout the ages as being a mood shifter, a warning sign, a symbol of passion, fury, or even jealousy. If you cannot find the colors that your heart and soul dictate MUST go into your art project... CREATE THEM! Fabric painting offers you a personal choice in color. Yvonne´s methods are simple and basic, using acrylic colors on silk or cotton set with a steam iron. Once you've read the chapter dedicated to creating your own unique fabric designs, you can learn techniques that will allow you the freedom to create stunning appliqués, quilts, wearable art, dolls and even gift wrapping. No matter what your passion is, color is most certainly involved and this book will help you to evoke emotions from all who admire your art form.

Herausgeber: C&T Publishing (2011-02-01)

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