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Dutch Flower Pots Quilts
Anja Townrow

Artikelnummer: BU2-1-57432-766-6

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Dutch Flower Pots Quilts  Anja Townrow

Paperback, 95 Pages

The flowers on her mother´s window sills in Holland inspired the author to create these exquisite floral quilt patterns. With freezer paper foundation pieced techniques that allow you to duplicate the precision found in nature, this book will have you achieving masterpiece results in short order. Includes easy to follow instructions, with patterns for your skill level - from the simple Tulip Pot to a more complex Daisy Pot. From bed warmers and wallhangings, to full sized quilts, projects of various sizes will inspire you to make your very own Dutch blooms. AUTHORBIO: Anja Townrow is a self-taught quiltmaker who has won many prizes for her work. She travels extensively, teaching in Britain and Europe. Known for her use of vibrant colors, Anja's ever-expanding range of patterns is produced under the name of Dutch Quilts, and her designs can also be found as regular contributions in various patchwork publications.

Herausgeber: American Quilter´s Society, 2001

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